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Anyone who wants a natural appearing enhancement 24 hours a day. Women with imperfect vision or contact lens wearers; athletic women, active women and women who participate in water sports. Those with arthritis or unsteady hands, people with sensitive eyes that tear frequently, people with visible scars; people with allergies to conventional makeup, people with hair loss due to alopecia in the brows and/or lashes. Women who ride motorcycles and anyone who is tired of their makeup smudging, smearing or rubbing off.
Due to improved topical anesthetics, pain and swelling is kept to a minimum. The more relaxed the client is during the permanent makeup procedure, the higher the potential of no pain and no swelling. Relaxation also aides in pigment retention.
Generally it lasts 3-5 years. Semi-permanent makeup will ook best whne the original technician maintains it every year or as needed, depending on the clients pigment retention.
Semi-permanent makeup is considered permanent because once the pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin it cannot be washed off like traditional cosmetics.
The pigment will fade over time due to many factors such as: skin exfoliation (both natural and chemical), sun exposure and medication. This is good because it allows the client the flexibility to modify their color and design as their taste and age change.
In most cases, you can go back to work the same day depending on the type of work environment you work in.
Generally, there is some swelling to the treated area. Eyeliner and lips, especially, may show after-effects for up to 72 hours after the procedure. During the procedure, there may be minimal bleeding or bruising. Tenderness is expected for a few days. The pigment color will be darker than expected for up to two weeks after the procedure. Individuals may experience additional unforeseen side effects.
You can develop an allergy to anything at any time. There are very few reactions reported of the pigments themselves.
Today’s health standards make any problems or reactions almost non-existent. Post-procedural instructions, if followed carefully, will further eliminate any risk.
Although the procedure is considered semi-permanent, color and shape may be further augmented and changed. colors will appear darker following a procedure, but will soften, lighten and blend during the healing process. We offer free touch-up consultations after healing has concluded and further sessions can augment or alter previous procedures.
An MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a medical imaging technique used to visualize internal structures and aid in diagnosing illnesses. A magnetic field is used to scan and take very detailed pictures of one’s internal organs. Many brands of semi-permanent makeup pigment contains iron oxide, a metal which can be drawn to a magnet. There are a small number of reported cases of discomfort around the eyes from those wearing permanent cosmetics while undergoing an MRI. However, test studies have confirmed that the iron particles in the pigment are too microscopic to react as true metals. Metal teeth feelings are safe. The same is true of our cosmetics. You may refer to for more information.
You are sent home with literature and products designed to guide you during the recovery/healing process. Tips for comfort, sanitation, what you can expect during the healing process and how to maximize results are all provided as part of our care. Generally speaking, you are urged to use very specific products and avoid other products containing harmful ingredients to minimize damaging the effects of your semi-permanent cosmetics. You are urged to avoid UV rays and sunlight. Your semi-permanent cosmetics will take up to a month to heal. You may need to change your skin regimen for the duration of the healing process. As far as normal activities are concerned, you may resume the immediately following the procedure. Specific care instructions will address potential problems.
This general list may not included specific items unique to your case: Eyebrows, Lash Enhancement, Lipliner, Full Lip Color, Beauty Marks, Hair Simulation, Feature Reconstruction, Scar Camouflage, Vitiligo and Skin Pigmentation.
Of course! For example, you may choose to have upper and lower eyeliner applied at the same time, eyebrows and lip liner/lip shading all done in the same session if you prefer.
Yes, most diabetics may, if their sugar level is under control. Please consult with your physician before undergoing any procedure.

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