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Silvia Young of Brow Perfection

About us

Silvia Young has been in the permanent makeup industry for over 20 years and has brought unparalleled technique and service.  Whatever look you’re wanting to achieve, Brow Perfection can help enhance your natural beauty with dramatic effects or a soft and natural appearance.

Silvia was trained by the well-known Anastasia, who has a celebrity client list including Oprah Winfrey, Helen Hunt, Naomi Campbell and Jennifer Lopez.  Silvia was also profiled in Allure and D Magazine.  She learned and mastered techniques such as: Microblading, Eyelash Enhancement and Lip Enhancement when she was a national makeup artist for Laura Mercier.

If you live in the Dallas area and want to experience the exceptional service and products at Brow Perfection, call us at (214) 454-5078 to schedule an appointment!

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